Eastcoast School of Bartending
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Job Placement

We have an extremely active job placement service which is available to all graduates on a lifetime basis. We also help our graduates in crafting the perfect Bartending-resume for prospective employers and interviews.

Regardless of your age or background there will always be a licensed-establishment for you. Just like the customer base that varies by bar, the Bartenders age usually follows the age of the crowd they serve.

If you are over 40 you probably don't want to work at a Nightclub where the average age is 21. However, a upscale Hotel, Martini Bar, 4-Star Restaurant or Catering Venue that does Weddings will want the more mature grad who can relate to their customers.

If you are a younger grad the possibilities are endless - Sports Bars, Nightclubs, Chain Restaurants, College Bars and Rock Bars are a perfect fit.

In closing there is a place for everyone! Call us now at 908-955-7412 to get started in this new, exciting and lucrative career as a State-Licensed Professional Bartender!     

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